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Feel More Confident, Nail Your Auditions, 
And Book More Jobs...
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"Audition Secrets is the key to finally unlocking the door that leads to the next level in your career. I’ve helped thousands of performers break through the barriers holding them back from achieving the success they deserve…and this book can help you do the same." 
Justin Guarini, Broadway Veteran, Author: Audition Secrets 
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justin bell guarini
Author Of AUdition Secrets
Founder/ceo, The warrior artist alliance
About The Author:
Justin Bell Guarini’s robust performance career launched with the first season of American Idol in 2002. He auditioned in front of 30million viewers each week as he made his way to happily finish as the runner-up in the final episode.
Since then his career as an artist and entetainer  has flourished. His stage and screen appearances include:
~ Principal roles in 6 Broadway productions including American Idiot, Romeo and Juliet, Wicked, and InTransit

~ His role as the lovable "Lil’ Sweet" in the currently running  national commercial campaign for Diet Dr. Pepper.

~Hosting live, nationally televised Red Carpet events for the Grammys, Emmys, Tonys

~ Performing across America to sold out arenas, entertaining the troops in Afghanistan & Qatar, and all over the world to public and private audiences. 

Justin is an active performer as well as a saught-after educator. His passion for empowering performers in the entertainment business is matched only by his love of the art and craft of performing. 

His new podcast "Audition Secrets" is set to debut at the end of June 2019 and has an all-star guest lineup of some of the best and brightest stars in the industy.   

Parents of an Aspiring Actor
If you are supportive of your child's needs and desires, while looking for a definite edge over the competition.
Musical Theater Students
If you have recently graduated or are going to school for a degree in Musical Theater and are eager to up your game.
Working Actors & Performers
If you have several years of experience under your belt and are craving the desire to hone your craft and take it to the next level.
What Justin's Private Clients Are Saying...
mia propato
"My daughter got a bigger part than what she auditioned for!"
"Each session brought more and more value! My daughter found Justin exciting and exuberant. 
 Everything was valuable and fun! She got a bigger part that what she auditioned for!"
- Jena Propato, Mia's Mother
"Great audition guidance. I’d work with Justin again and again!"
“Rather than highlight my weaknesses, Justin gave me the tools to address them! Being coached by him is like working with your favorite mentor. He’s a great communicator, efficient and kind! I’d work with him again and again!"
Leandra hill
Brad Ogden
Director & Actor
"Audition Secrets is an essential read for performers at any level!"
"Justin's book is delightful, insightful and practical- an essential read for performers at any level that will make you rethink your approach to the art of auditioning"
Feel More Confident, Nail Your Auditions, 
And Book More Jobs...
  •  Crush Nerves
  •  End The Confusion & Guesswork 
  •  Stop Giving Away Your Power & Influence When You're In The Room 
  •  Make Casting Directors Sit Up And Pay Attention
This Is Your Chance 

To Break Through The Barriers 

That Have Held You Back From Having The Career That 

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